6 Organic Food Stores Like Trader Joe’s

Stores Like Trader Joe’s

Healthy edibles and drinkables are something we all thrive to add to our everyday menus. A health food shop is defined as a store that sells environmentally conscious and nutritious products that have reduced humankind’s footprint on the world. Most of the health food stores are hip and chic and don’t provide plastic bags but you can find delicious samples down every aisle.

Trader Joe’s is a very popular organic food store. This shop claims to have over 80% GMO-free products on their shelves. Trader Joe’s has a lot of healthy food but not all of it is the best for your body. This online grocery store does have organic food from all over the world with great quality and great prices, you just have to read the labels to find the healthiest options.

Some of the best finds at Trader Joe’s include avocado citrus yogurt, vegan cold-brew lattes, and cauliflower crust pizza. The cauli-rice is also delicious but you have to grab it fast, it’s hardly ever in stock. Look past the pretty packaging at TJ’s and go straight to the ingredients for better choices. While Trader Joe’s has great options when it comes to healthy eating, there are better choices. Browse our list of stores like Trader Joe’s below to find organic food, low costs and new finds from around the world.

1 – Vitacost

Vitacost is known for its great deals on vitamins and supplements but did you know that Vitacost also sells organic food and beverages? This addition to our list of stores like Trader Joe’s has snacks, coffees, oils, and more. Vitacost specializes in gluten-free, organic, vegan, and kosher foods. There’s a ton of deals to be found on this site like free items with purchase, coupon codes, discounts, and free shipping on orders over $100.

Visit Vitacost

2 – Kalyx

If you love the Trader Joe’s prices, you’ll adore the prices on this site. Kalyx sells quality organic and natural products in bulk. Everything is always fresh and always environmentally friendly. Kalyx has herbs, spices, capsules, hydroponics, beauty supplies, extracts, and more. Most orders arrive within 3-10 days and their shipping charges are very affordable.

Visit Kalyx

3 – Sunfood

Sunfood’s mission is to help you discover energy, healing, and longevity through food, vitamins, and supplements. This whole food store only sells non-GMO products and they are very proud to say so. This addition to our list of stores like Trader Joe’s gives you a 15% discount just by adding your email to their list and free shipping on all orders over $49. Sunfood sells the world’s highest quality superfoods.

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4 – Direct Eats

You probably shop Trader Joe’s for their great prices, Direct Eats also lets you get more for less. With Direct Eats you can stock your pantry with better food. Choose from over 20,000 products that fit any dietary need. Direct Eats stocks them all. Direct Eats believes in healthy food for all, that’s why they never charge for shipping, even if you only order one item.

Visit Direct Eats

5 – For the Gourmet

This addition to our list of stores like Trader Joe’s is called For the Gourmet. For the Gourmet was created by classically trained talented chefs. Their goal was to help others discover quality products from around the world. This site sells everything you love, and things you’ve never heard of in bulk. Only the highest quality foods and drinks can be found on this site. Don’t let that scare you. The prices are affordable and flat rate shipping starts at $8.

Visit For the Gourmet

6 – Natural Zing

Natural Zing is a family owned business on our list of sites similar to Trader Joe’s. This online store offers reasonable prices, knowledgeable customer care, and fast delivery. Natural Zing sells raw foods, dried fruit, superfoods, supplements, nuts and seeds, kitchen tools, and more. Awaken, empower, and nourish your life with Natural Zing and save money when you order more than $99 worth of merchandise because your shipping will be free.

Visit Natural Zing
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