6 Home Decor Stores like Muji

Stores like Muji

Years ago, and now, one thing stayed the same. People have always tried to make their home look good and feel good when your inside. Decor has been around for hundreds of years. While people couldn’t buy lamps and throw pillows online a hundred years ago, they did work hard to make something that added a special touch to their home. Home decor is something that will live on forever, no matter what era we live in.

Muji is one of the best places to buy Ikea style furniture and save a ton of cash. On the Muji website, you can find storage ideas, furniture, linens, kitchen supplies, and a whole lot more. There’s also a large line of clothing, gifts, and stationary on this site. Unfortunately, Muji doesn’t ship its items. You can choose what you want to reserve with the online catalog and pick up your items online.

Pickups can be a hassle so we’ve searched the web to find websites like Muji that do ship to your home. These online shops like Muji are perfect for finding affordable furniture and home decor online with an added bonus of a lot of choices. If you’re searching for quality inexpensive furniture, you can find it on this page. Special items for any room of your home and low prices are guaranteed with the sites below. Enjoy!

1 – ABC Carpet & Home

At ABC Carpet & Home you can find cheap modern furniture and home decor for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and any other room of your home. This alternative to Muji sells samples up to 70% off retail cost and new items are added all the time. ABC Carpet & Home offers free shipping on all orders over $100.

Visit ABC Carpet & Home

2 – RCWilley

If you’ve been searching for affordable couches or tables, you’ll find them on this addition to our list of stores like Muji. RCWilley has appliances, big and small, furniture, electronics, home decor, office supplies, and more. If your budget is a little tight, don’t worry, RCWilley offers financing so you can afford quality furniture without paying it all at once. Click on the link above to learn more.

Visit RCWilley

3 – DFOHome

DFOHome must be added to our list of best furniture websites like Muji. DFOHome has the best outdoor curtains, rugs, patio furniture, and quality hammocks for the outside part of your home. Our outdoor area can be a haven if we add the right furniture and decor, but most people neglect this part of their home. Check out this site for inspirational ideas and save big. DFOHome has a ton of savings and free shipping on all orders.

Visit DFOHome

4 – Domino

This addition to our list of stores like Muji, called Domino, has a lot of cool items for your home like accents and furniture. This site also has home tours, daily ideas, and stories that you’ll love that you can use to make your own home just as beautiful as those found on this site. Domino has low prices and a flat rate shipping cost that starts at $8.95.

Visit Domino

5 – LivingXL

If you’re taller or larger than the average size, you might have realized that typical furniture is a little small and can be a little tight. LivingXL has the best quality furniture for people with a bigger girth. On this site you can find the same stuff like you can find in stores like Muji, but bigger. Check out the LivingXL homepage for great discounts and deals. Shipping varies by order but the LivingXL prices are very affordable.

Visit LivingXL

6 – Ashley Homestore

Ashley Homestore must be added to our list of furniture stores like Muji. On this site, you can find savings up to 80% off retail. This site has thousands of choices in all sorts of textures, colors, and prints. You’ll never run out of ideas for your home with this site, we guarantee. Ashley Homestore offers free standard shipping on all orders which are expected to arrive within a week. You can’t go wrong with Ashley Homestore.

Visit Ashley Homestore
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