7 Craft Stores like Michaels

Stores like Michaels

If you’re a creative person you’ll find yourself purchasing arts and crafts supplies all the time. When inspiration hits, you need to have the supplies to make what’s in your mind come to life. DIY’s are very popular nowadays with sites like Pinterest. Making a unique gift or making something that cannot be found in stores for your home has been trending for a long time. Crafts are a great way to relieve stress and show off what you can do. Michaels is one of the top stores for cheap craft supplies.

On the Michaels website, you can find paint, embellishments, yarn, beads, clay, floral supplies, frames, and a whole lot more. There’s a ton of savings to be found on this site and if you’d rather shop in store, use the printable Michaels coupon that can be found on their website. Michaels has a lot of creative options you cannot find anywhere else and a ton of inspiration ideas on starting a new project. If you love arts and crafts, you’ll love everything you can find on this store called Michaels.

Crafting can be fun for adults, for children, and for family activities. Find a project on the web, or on the Michaels website and start making something with your own two hands. Homemade gifts are always appreciated because they come from the heart. If you love arts and crafts and DIY’s, you’ll love these other stores like Michaels below that sell art supplies all over the world. Start crafting now!

1 – MisterArt

This online arts and crafts store is called MisterArt. This addition to our list of stores like Michaels sells discount craft supplies and a whole lot more. On the MisterArt site, you can save up to 75% off on the biggest brands in the art supply world. Find low prices, fast shipping, and the biggest brands with MisterArt. Shipping is always free if you order more than $200 worth of supplies.

Visit MisterArt

2 – Craft Stash

Craft Stash is a UK based art supply store that ships internationally. On this site, you can find great value and a ton of choice. If you don’t know where to start with your creative projects, check out the inspirational corner for step by step instructions and new ideas. This online craft store has items starting at under $1 and shipping is about $10 for flat rate shipping to America and Canada.

Visit Craft Stash

3 – HobbyCraft

If you have a hobby that requires art supplies, you’ll love this addition to our list of stores like Michaels. HobbyCraft has cards, kits, frames, baking supplies, holiday-themed items, and a whole lot more. On the HobbyCraft website, you can find amazing discounts and a ton of choice. This company is also based in the UK but don’t worry, HobbyCraft also ships worldwide and their prices are very competitive.

Visit HobbyCraft

4 – Hobby Lobby

For savings, up to 60% off on home decor, art supplies, and more, check out Hobby Lobby. This site also has a vast collection of DIY project videos to show you every step of the way on hundreds of projects you’ll love to make yourself. Hobby Lobby has a ton of coupon codes and discounts each day and shipping starts at a low flat rate of $6.95. Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby only ships in the United States, it’s not available internationally at the moment.

Visit Hobby Lobby

5 – Quilt and Sew Shop

Quilting, knitting, and sewing has become a trend among celebrities, hipsters, and stay at home moms. This is a great way to make something cute for your family members, unique gifts, and to relieve stress after a long day. This addition to our list of stores like Michaels sells all the stuff you might need to complete these projects, including the patterns and designs. Free shipping is available with the Quilt and Sew Shop on all orders over $50.

Visit Quilt and Sew Shop

6 – Craft U

On this alternative to Michaels you cannot buy the supplies you need to create a DIY project, but you can find all the information you need to get started and all the tips and tricks you might need to be successful with your creativity. Craft U is an online learning school for creative people. Search thousands of videos, online courses, and webinars to learn all there is to know about arts and crafts. This site is great for beginners and advanced crafters who want to learn a new skill.

Visit Craft U

7 – Crayola

Crayola is very popular when it comes to wax crayons, pencil crayons, and markers. On this site, you can find printable pages for your little ones and a ton of DIY craft ideas for a rainy day. This website found on our list of stores like Michaels is also great for teachers who are looking for a classroom activity. The Crayola website is fun and inviting and we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun browsing it with your child for your next arts and crafts project.

Visit Crayola
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