6 Popular Boutique Stores like Kitson

Stores like Kitson

Boutique shopping has unique brands and clothing that cannot be found anywhere else. Yes, you will pay more, but it’s worth it for an original style. Celebrities love niche boutiques and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears love to shop in popular boutiques like Kitson.

Unfortunately, due to an expensive lawsuit, the Kitson stores have been closed. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find clothing like your favorite celebrities. There’s a ton of places that offer stylish looks and one-of-a-kind styles for men, women, and children.

Kitson was famous for its silly wordage on t-shirts like “J’adore Pizza” and shirts that showed what team you were on like “Team Jolie” or “Team Pitt”. You could always tell who was shopping at Kitson’s by their bright blue bags. Kitson had cool clothing and fun stuff. If you’ve been searching for sites like Kitson but have been having trouble, our list of stores like Kitson below can help you out. Enjoy!

1 – Shiekh

On the Shiekh website, you can find fashionable shoes, socks, laces, hats, and more. This site caters to your toes and your head. Big brands like Timberland, Puma, and Adidas can be found on this site, you can also find the personal Shiekh brand. The Shiekh brand is very cool and unique. Find footwear for every member of your family on this site. Look great with each step you take and save up to 50% off designer brands. Shiekh ships the same day and all returns are easy and free.

Visit Shiekh

2 – Life and Looks

Like the Kitson clothing brand, Life and Looks have things that every celebrity loves to own. Makeup, hair care, fragrances, and skin care products. Life and Looks has a ton of brands like Vichy, Marc Jacobs, Bioderma, Cloud Nine, and more. Find exclusive deals, free products, and worldwide delivery for only £2.00. This UK shop will satisfy all your beauty needs, for men and women.

Visit Life and Looks

3 – SilkRouter

SilkRouter is one of the best stores like Kitson. This online shop has a lot of stuff you can find in boutiques in California, specifically Rodeo Drive. SilkRouter caters to designer handbags, jewelry, and rare items. This website works by purchasing gently used designer products and reselling them for less. Sell your own stuff for some extra cash and get yourself something new. Every piece on this site is unique, check it out each day for a treasure made just for you.

Visit SilkRouter

4 – WornFree

Our list of stores like Kitson must include WornFree. WornFree is the best place to find graphic tees, logos, and custom pieces for the rebel inside you. This online shop has a ton of licensed t-shirts by celebrities you love like Cheech Marin, Pink Floyd, Lester Bangs, and Gram Parsons. Look like a rock star and feel like one too with one of these t-shirts. Custom prints take about 21 days and delivery is available worldwide.

Visit WornFree

5 – Madam Rage

We must add Madam Rage to our list of alternatives to Kitson. Madam Rage is an online shop for women with style. Bold colors, frills, new cuts can be found on this site. Madam Rage mixes chic and runway. Sales can be found on their homepage and this United Kingdom-based shop will ship for free internationally for the low cost of £75. All orders are tracked.

Visit Madam Rage

6 – Be Jealous

Everyone will be jealous of the fashion and accessories you buy from this addition to our list of stores like Kitson. Be Jealous is for men, women, and plus size. Save a ton of cash and take advantage of the flat £4.99 international delivery rate. Find party dresses, embroidered shirts, oversized jumpers, collared jackets, and ripped denim on this site. Start making your friends jealous, today!

Visit Be Jealous
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