5 Printing Stores like Kinkos

Stores like Kinkos

People take pictures every day, students have homework, companies need flyers, this all brings in the need for printing. Printing is something we’ve all had to do in our lifetime, some people need it more than others. We can buy an expensive printer, load it with expensive cartridges, and only get a few pictures before the ink dries out. There’s a better way to print high-quality content, without spending a lot of money. Kinkos is one of the best places for black and white and color copies.

Kinkos was a brand that we all knew and loved for printing of all sizes and in all sorts of quantities. Now, FedEx owns the Kinkos printing services. With FedEx, you can print for less, and find all the services that Kinkos once offered. These services are great for businesses, students, and one-time printing needs. Printing starts at $0.08 and can be done on all sorts of mediums including poster paper and neon paper.

With Kinkos, (FedEx) you can copy, print, pack, purchase packing supplies, and ship with their online printing services. This company can help you make a custom flyer for any event, get the attention you need with a personalized banner, or make a great impression with an eye-catching banner. Save more if you buy in bulk. If you like being able to prepare your order online, save a ton of money, and get help with designs, you’ll also love these other stores like Kinkos below. Printing has never been easier.

1 – Lightning Labels

Lightning Labels is one of the best online printing stores like Kinkos. Lightning Labels can create custom labels and stickers and send them to you in a matter of days. Every shape, size, color, and style is available with this company. Small and large orders are available and everything is totally customizable. Click on the link above for your free quote and ideas to make your design better.

Visit Lightning Labels

2 – CarouselChecks

CarouselChecks is a great addition to our list of stores like Kinkos. This company can create beautiful custom photos on your personal or business checks. If you use QuickBooks, CarouselChecks can laser cut each check to fit the colors of your company. There’s a ton of options on this site like sizes, colors, and styles. Re-order with the click of a button and get free shipping on bulk orders of 100 checks or more.

Visit CarouselChecks

3 – 1-800 Postcards

If you’ve been searching for a high-quality printing store for your individual needs or company advertisements, you’ll love this addition to our list of websites like Kinkos. 1-800 Postcards has a lot for you to enjoy. Business printing, postcards, paper options, customizations, and more are available with this company. Choose from a large catalog of textures, colors, fonts, and papers to find exactly what you need. Like the FedEx office locations, you can also ship with 1-800 Postcards.

Visit 1-800 Postcards

4 – Printing For Less

Printing For Less has two great things for you, premium prints, and affordable costs. With this addition to our list of stores like Kinkos, you can find amazing prints with incredible value. Printing For Less gives you a printing pro by your side with each project. If you need an extra incentive, request a free sample and a free quote to know exactly what you’re getting before you order.

Visit Printing For Less

5 – 499Inks

If you’d rather like to print from home, 499Inks is a website that can help you. This site sells printer supplies for less than retail. On this site, you’ll find brand name inks starting at $4.99, and toners starting at $24.99. orders over $49 give you free shipping and all orders come with a 1-year satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Get the same quality that you’d get if you pay more with 499Inks.

Visit 499Inks
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