5 Social Networking Sites Like Tagged

sites like tagged

Human nature makes us want to meet new and interesting people. Tagged is one of the best social media sites that makes this possible. This site has a mission to break the generic barrier, by changing the way we interact with others from around the world. Tagged uses apps and games to connect people in a whole new way, with over 300 million users to date. We have created this great list of sites like Tagged to let you know about innovative and original ways to socialize online.

1. Badoo

Badoo is super popular. Are you looking to hang out with someone in your area? Or find a date for Friday night? This social network among sites like Tagged can help you with that. Badoo is simple to use and has a casual vibe. Once you sign up, every action has an impact on your ‘’ superpowers ‘’. Superpowers are badges that explain what kind of person you are on Badoo. For instance, very social, a big flirt, or speedy writer.  Badoo’s other special advantage is the tiny amount of ads.

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2. SnapChat

SnapChat is an uplifting addition to free social networking sites that use pictures instead of words. SnapChat is quick and effortless to use. Once you’ve created an account and added a few friends, there are three simple steps to enter this ingenious picture-taking world called SnapChat. Step 1: Take a picture or record a short video, Step 2: Get creative with filters, stickers, frames, and more. Step 3: Send and share. If you’re looking for a social network that will make you feel happy and silly, join SnapChat.

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3. Xing

This site is about improving your career through online interaction. Xing offers it users 16 languages to choose from to realize just how small our world is. People from around the globe can share personal profiles, articles, even information about conferences and trade shows. Xing is one of the largest business networks. This appealing site even helps you hire employees or find a new job. Xing is a great addition to social networking sites.

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4. Quora

Quora is one of the best sites like Tagged for people who are curious and want to socialize. This remarkable site has people waiting to answer any imaginable question you might have. The more you question and answer, the more popular you become. Quora’s social presence is here to share knowledge from people of all ages from all over the world.

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5. POF (Plenty of Fish)

Plenty of Fish’s main purpose is a dating site, but friends can be found here too. P.O.F. started as an alternative to Tagged but mutated into a dating site. This site’s search option is very precise, the pages are clean and easy to use, overall, P.O.F. is a refreshing substitute to the other sites like Tagged. If you’re looking for someone special or a new friend, dive into this social pool called Plenty of Fish.

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