6 Lease to Own Sites Like Flexshopper

sites like flexshopper

Do you want a new tv or gaming system but don’t have the cash to pay it off right away? Flexshopper is a site where you can rent to own online. It doesn’t require a good credit score, and you can be approved for a $2500 line of credit in a matter of minutes. Payments are weekly and start the first Friday after receiving your order. Flexshopper has over 85,000 top brand products that vary from toys to furniture to appliances. This site can also help you lease to own on other known sites such as Amazon, and Wayfair. For more great lease to own sites like Flexshopper, browse our helpful list.

1. Blair

Blair’s is a great place to find everything for your home. Decorations, furniture, appliances, toys, and even clothing. The best thing about Blair’s is that it is like the other sites like Flexshopper, you can fill out a short application and get a line of credit. As an extra bonus, the more you shop at Blair’s, the more reward points you can acquire to get even bigger saving.

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2. Sears

Sears has been around for a very long time. It was founded in 1886. This store has a massive amount of products, toys, and clothing for your entire family. The best thing about Sears is that it is another addition to rent to own websites. Sears lets you order what you want and with an approved line of credit, lets you pay the items off slowly. For a reliable source, trust Sears.

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3. LTD Commodities

LTD Commodities is a lot like the other sites like Flexshopper. This site has a lot of things including books, craft supplies, outdoor and garden supplies, and even cute items for your pets, along with the usual home decor, electronics, and furnishings. LTD Commodities lets you build a line of credit where you can rack up a good sized shopping cart because the prices are so low. Be sure to take a look at LTD Commodities and it’s lease to buy options.

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4. Montgomery Ward 

Are you short on cash but need a new set of cookware or luggage? Montgomery Ward will let you buy the things you need and set up a line of credit. Approval is completed in a few minutes and your payments can be as little as $10 a month. Montgomery Ward wants to help you with your credit score, if you pay off your debt in time you can get a bigger amount of credit each time you reapply.

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5. Emporium

Last but not least, we must add Emporium to the list of sites like Flexshopper. This is a great place where you can lease to own electronics, jewelry, and even fitness equipment. There are over 100,000 brand names available for you to pick from and no credit is needed to be instantly approved for a $5000 line of credit. Emporium doesn’t give you any reason not to visit its site.

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