6 Cool Stuff Sites Like Dude I Want That

sites like dude i want that

Dude I Want That is a site where you’re guaranteed to find awesome stuff to buy. They don’t sell anything directly but give you access to the links so you can buy the coolest gadgets, survival tools, household items, and gizmos.

A personal gift guide is available to find exactly what you need for any occasion. Each website that DudeIWantThat links to is certified to ensure quality and avoid problems. Kickstarter and Indiegogo products are also listed which gives you first access to prime objects not yet released.

If you love geeky gadgets and unique items, take a look at this great website and for more cool things check out these other sites like Dude I Want That. You’ll be amazed at all the stuff you can find.

1. Shut Up And Take My Money

For anything sci-fi or gamer related, Shut Up and Take My Money is a fun place to shop. Gifts and gadgets galore can be found on this cool site. Do you need an R2D2 Desk vacuum? Or a zombie hand guitar holder? Both can be found on Shut Up and Take My Money.

The prices are low and the products are extraordinary, everything on Shut Up and Take My Money is discounted and totally cool. Who wouldn’t want a pizza pool float or a batman bottle opener? This Dude I Want That alternative is one of the best places to shop for awesome stuff.

Visit Shut Up and Take My Money

2. This Is Why I’m Broke

If you’re looking for cool stuff to buy that is discounted up to 80% off, check out this great addition to sites like Dude I Want That. The only thing wrong with This is Why I’m Broke is it’s addictive. Once you start scanning the totally awesome things it’s hard to leave the site.

The bacon salt is a requirement for any bacon lover, the gold toilet paper if perfect for the diva in your home, and the pop-up book of phobias will make your worst nightmares come true. This is Why I’m Broke has the strangest and weirdest items available to purchase, and we want them all, what about you?

Visit This is Why I'm Broke

3. Uncrate

Uncrate is the best place to find cool gadgets for men. This site has over 1,5 million users who are discovering new products and unique gift ideas each week. Everything on this site is sure to please even the most virile and rugged man.

This site has everything a man should own. Black insomnia coffee, Budweiser’s prohibition brew and Old Rip Van Winkle’s 25 year old bourbon, are just a few of the vices found on this amazing site. You can also search for styles, technology, cars, and everyday gear. Check out Uncrate to satisfy the testosterone inside you.

Visit Uncrate

4. Want That

Want That must be included among sites like Dude I Want That. This site has nifty items for men, women and children. Your life will be made much easier with a lot of this cool stuff to buy. Prices range from a few dollars to thousands so be sure to check the cost before ordering.

This site has the most unthinkable and amazing items, such as watches made with your pets fur, pens made out of meteorites and a smokeless indoor stovetop BBQ grills. Those are just a few of the wonderful finds on Want That check out the site for everything it has to offer.

Visit Want That

5. Unique Hunters

Unique Hunters lives up to its name. All the things found on this addition to sites like Dude I Want That are unique and extraordinary. Who doesn’t need a flaming fire pit made of skulls, a planter that is an exact match to the Death Star or an aquarium of electric jellyfish?

This site is an unavoidable site that is similar to Dude I Want That. New items are always listed and everything is chosen to gratify the geek and gadget lover you truly are. If you’re just looking for yourself or for an amazing gift that will be talked about for ages, this site is the perfect place to start shopping.

Visit Unique Hunters

6. Crnchy 

Crnchy is a site to satisfy your wants, needs, and splurges. If you want something to simplify your life like a magnetic charging dock or a gadget that is sure to be a crowd pleaser like a tabletop moonshine still, Crnchy is the place to find it.

This last but not least addition to sites like Dude I Want That is one of the most original shopping experiences you’ll even have. If you think you’ve seen it all, check out Crnchy for surprises you’ll never expect.

Visit Crnchy
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