6 Shocking Sites Like Best Gore

sites like bestgore

First, we must warn you, these are some shocking websites. If you love gore sites then you’ll have a lot of fun browsing these sites. Best Gore is one of the top websites for graphic pictures and videos.

The content found on Best Gore is offensive, bloody, gut wrenching, and upsetting. It will shock you and it will also amaze you. This website is based on freedom of expression. Best Gore believes that everyone should know about the more horrible things of life.

If you need more brutal, immoral, obscene, sad pictures and videos to look at, take look at this intense list of sites like Best Gore. We guarantee that you’ll find something that you’ve never seen before.

1. The YNC

The YNC is one of the best gore sites. The videos shown on this site are horrible and disgusting. They portray events like suicides, executions, and horrible accidents. This site also has videos of unusual porn and twisted funny pictures. Some of the content is bone-chilling, some of the content is shocking, and almost all of the content on The YNC is gruesome and gory. If you’re looking for painful and disturbing sites, you’ve come to the right place.

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2. Crazy Shit

This addition to websites like Best Gore lives up to its name. This site is, definitely, full of crazy shit. If you’re looking for extreme porn, dismemberments, or disgusting pranks, this is the site for you. There are hundreds of unexpected and gross posts just waiting to be discovered. Crazy Shit also has a huge collection of videos featuring parties, fights, and accidents. There’s something for every degree of disgusting. Click on the link above to enter a world of macabre and nudity.

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3. Deathtube

Deathtube is one of the most shocking websites on this list of sites like Best Gore. This site shares pictures of death. If you want to see someone who’s committed suicide, or a bloody murder scene, Deathtube has the pictures you’re looking for. After you’ve enjoyed grossing yourself out, take a few minutes to comment on the pictures or videos. This could be the beginning of a very dark conversation of death and dismemberment. If you’ve missed a post just check out the archives so you don’t miss a single rotting corpse or maggot filled face.

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4. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality is a forum where you can share all your nasty and repulsive, pictures and thoughts. There’s dozens of different categories. Medical deformities, death videos, and celebrity death pictures are just a few. This website must be added to gore sites. The topics on this site aren’t for the faint of heart. Start a conversation about something gross you’ve seen or join in on a conversation that has already started. Documenting Reality is waiting for your comments.

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5. Goregrish

This site should only be entered if you’re sure you can handle what you’re about to see. The images are disturbing. All the content on this site is uncensored. Goregrish has pictures of bizarre porn, real suicides, and grisly murders. If you suffer from anxiety or trauma do not click on this link. If you love stuff that can barely be glimpsed at by most of humanity, then this addition to most shocking websites will please you to the core.

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6. Maniacnanny

Maniacnanny has a strange name but its content is even more bizarre. We can’t forget to add that it is also very gross. There are dozens of crime scene photos and stories about serial killers on this site. There is also an obscener side to Maniacnanny. If you’re looking for a picture of your favorite celebrity stripped down to nothing, Maniacnanny will have it. This obscene and offensive site must be added to the list of sites like Best Gore.

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