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5 Travel Bidding Sites Like Priceline

sites like priceline

Travel bidding sites like Priceline are incredibly because they allow you to name your price. You essentially chose how much you are willing to pay for a hotel room, flight ticket or even a car rental. While you may not end up winning each bid, Priceline allows you to save big when going on vacation or even when traveling for business. Nobody wants to overpay for their travels, which is why we’ve gathered a list of the best Priceline alternatives.

In order to really get the best deals possible, we’ve decided to find the top travel bidding sites like Priceline. We encourage you to visit each one of these sites to quickly find the lowest rates possible. Whether you want to name your price on hotel rooms and flights or even if you want to get last minute deals, these travel sites have everything you need.

1. AirBNB

AirBNB is one of the best Priceline alternatives if you’re looking for vacation homes or apartments. This site is essentially a portal for renters and short-term tenants to connect with one another. Home owners who wish to rent out their home as a vacation rental can place an ad on AirBNB. This gives you the ability to negotiate the rental price and really get amazing deals. One of the best things about AirBNB is that it’s available worldwide, so you can use it anywhere you go to always find the lowest rates.

Visit AirBNB

2. InCarte

InCarte is an excellent travel bidding site that is truly worth discovering. With InCarte, you must buy bid packages and then use those credits to bid on hotel rooms, travel packages and flights. InCarte is one of the only penny auction bidding sites in the travel industry and they have been growing rather quickly. With thousands of daily visitors and a ton of new getaways added every week, you’re certainly going to enjoy saving money by booking your next travels with InCarte.

Visit InCarte

3. BackBid

Another excellent option when looking for bidding sites like Priceline is BackBid. Among the most affordable travel sites online, BackBid lets you book entire getaways at some of the lowest prices available. BackBid is easy to use and you can book flights, hotels and more all over the globe. One of the really cool things about BackBid is that hotels can send you offers according to your habits. So if you have a tendency to regularly stay at hotels in the same cities, hotels from those cities will send you exclusive personal offers.

Visit BackBid

4. HotWire

HotWire is not exactly a travel bidding site, but it allows you to find the best deals on flights and hotels all around the world. HotWire allows you to find travel deals as high as 60% off, which makes it easy for you to save big when traveling. The entire HotWire interface is beautiful and simple to use, making it a breeze for you to quickly find deals on areas that you plan on visiting. Browse HotWire today and we guarantee that you will find amazing deals.

Visit HotWire

5. Bid2Travel

Another excellent option when seeking sites like Priceline is Bid2Travel. They have the same type of travel bidding site platform, where you name your price for hotels and flights. Bid2Travel also has exclusive group offers that allows you to travel with larger groups of people while saving big. Bid2Travel is easy to use and has a popular user base, yet remains a low-key site. We loved using Bid2Travel and we’re sure you will enjoy saving money with their platform too!

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