9 Cash Loan Sites Like LendUp

sites like lendup

While there are many sites like LendUp on the internet for getting quick cash loans, not all of them are identical. Many different aspects come into play when searching for the best payday loan sites for your specific needs. APR rates, customer service, the delay before you receive the funds and many other factors vary from one payday lender to another. Finding the best online loan sites isn’t as simple as it seems.

Fortunately, you have our team on your side. We’ve gathered information from over 50 different payday loan sites in order to provide you with a quality list of the best payday lenders. The sites like LendUp below are guaranteed to get you great rates with the best customer service and the fastest receipt of the funds. Whether you need quick cash loans for financial emergencies or even if you simply want to get a head start on holiday gifts, check out the top loan sites below.

1. YourPayday

One of the best payday loan sites online is without a doubt, YourPayday. This simple, yet efficient payday lender allows you to find the lowest APR rates for online loans. YourPayday has one of the most impressive support teams you’ve ever seen. Whether you want to give them a call, email them or even have a live chat, their team is always available to lend you a helping hand. YourPayday provides you with an approval in under 1 hour and in most cases, the funds get wired straight to the bank account of your choice in under 1 business day.

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2. iCashLoans

Probably the best alternative to LendUp online is iCashLoans. With this quality payday lender, you will be able to borrow up to $5,000 even if your credit history is on the lower end. In fact, even people who have had to deal with bankruptcy can get approved. iCashLoans is amazing because they offer payday loans in the USA, Canada and the UK. Their customer service team is a true pleasure to deal with and receiving the funds takes just 1 business day. If you’re in need of some quick cash, check out iCashLoans and your problems will be solved within hours!

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3. LoanSolo

Another wonderful option when looking for sites like LendUp is without a doubt, LoanSolo. This payday loan platform lets you borrow up to $1,000 within just a few hours. In fact, LoanSolo often provides instant approvals, allowing you to quickly get out of a bind or get your hands on a little extra spending money. The rates at LoanSolo are very low and repaying the loans is easy since you can tailor the repayment terms according to your budget and income. Check out LoanSolo now and you’ll have cash in your bank account within hours!

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4. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA sets itself apart as one of the best payday loan sites online due to their impressive customer support. Whether you have questions about rates, repaying the loans or any other inquiry, they will deal with your request within minutes. CashNetUSA deserves a top spot on our list of sites like LendUp because of its leading support team, which is the best in the industry in our opinion. Their interest rates are decent and so are the borrowing amounts, making it well worth checking them out.

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5. LoanCat

LoanCat is the best Canadian payday loan site online. If you’re looking for Canada payday loans, look no further, LoanCat has everything you need and more. LoanCat is not a direct lender, but they work with over 50 partnering payday lenders, allowing you to get approved at the lowest imaginable rates even if you have the worst credit score in Canada. LoanCat wires the funds directly into your bank account within hours of applying for a payday loan online, making it the best place to get cash online if you’re from Canada.

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6. Check Into Cash

Another excellent online funding institution is Check Into Cash. They offer quick cash loans to good, medium and poor credit scores. Applying for a fast cash loan is super simple through Check Into Cash. You will always get a response within hours and once approved, the funds and immediately be wired to the bank account of your choice. Check Into Cash has a great support team available at all hours, they have low rates and the application process is a true joy to complete. This makes them one of the top websites like LendUp online.

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7. ApoLoan

ApoLoan is a superb place to find USA payday loans online. Similar to LoanCat, ApoLoan is not a direct lender. However, they have a huge network of over 100 different partners in the payday lending industry, allowing them to located the best deals for your needs. ApoLoan will tailor a cash loan for your specific budget, income, needs and time-frame, allowing you to always receive a quality service when applying for an online loan through their platform.

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8. Rubik Loan

Rubik Loan has a lot of good to offer and they definitely deserve their spot on this list of sites like LendUp. They allow you to borrow up to $5,000, but you can also opt for loans as low as $100. One of the really cool things about Rubik Loan is that they has one of the quickest and easiest application procedures online. Everything can be signed electronically, preventing the need to have to print out contracts, scan them, then send them back. Rubik Loan is well worth a detour if you’re shopping for the best payday loans online.

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9. No Problem Cash

No Problem Cash is another excellent choice when seeking LendUp alternatives that allow you to borrow larger amounts even with poor credit scores or no credit history at all. No Problem Cash is worth checking out because they have one of the highest approval rates in the industry. One of the greatest things about No Problem Cash is that their loans are considered personal loans rather than payday loans. This means you will have much more time to repay what you borrow. Check out No Problem Cash now to get thousands of dollars wire to your bank account in the next few hours.

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