10 Ad Network Sites Like AdSense

sites like adsense

If you’re looking for the best ad networks online, sites like AdSense are exactly what you’re looking for. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks online and they offer some of the highest payouts available. That’s mainly due to their enormous list of partners and advertisers. Google AdSense has more advertisers than all of the other best ad networks combined. However, getting approved for an AdSense account isn’t always easy.

With some many other alternatives to AdSense available online, you no longer need to rely solely on Google to make an income displaying ads on your site. We have narrowed down a list of the best sites like AdSense so you can quickly begin earning money from your website. Most of these AdSense alternatives are easy to get approved for and still offer very decent payout rates.

1. Media.net

Among all of the AdSense alternatives online, Media.net is the one ad network that resembles AdSense the most. This ad network is owned by Microsoft, making them a pretty impressive player in the industry. While they don’t have as many advertisers as Google, they do have a pretty amazing selection of display ads. You can easily customize the size of the ads and with their near 100% fill rate, you won’t have to worry about showing blank ad spaces. One thing to be cautious about though – Media.net only pays for North American traffic.

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2. Revenue Hits

Another one of the best ad networks online is Revenue Hits. Unlike Media.net, Revenue Hits actually pays you for international traffic. Better yet, they have geo-localisation features, allowing you to display accurate ads to your visitors according to their location. Revenue Hits has a decent payout rate per ad and you can earn money via CPL, CPA and CPM. With over 5,000 advertisers in their network, you will be able to display ads for many different categories.

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3. Infolinks

One of the best sites like AdSense online is Infolinks. They allow you to place all sorts of ads on your website including interstitial ads, popup ads, slider ads, banners and much more. One of the really unique things about Infolinks is being able to monetize keywords found within your content. The process is automatic – you simply need to pick how many keywords you wish to link per post and Infolinks will automatically place affiliate links throughout your content. Apply for a publisher account at Infolinks right now to start earning more from your content.

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4. ylliX

ylliX is one of the most underrated ad networks online. Whether you get 500 daily visitors or 5 million, ylliX is going to make it easier for you to earn money from your traffic. Their 100% fill rate prevents you from having to display empty ads and their instant account approval allows you to begin displaying ads immediately. However, the best thing about ylliX that makes it one of the best AdSense alternatives online is the fact that they provide daily payouts. Check out ylliX right now!

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5. VigLink

VigLink is one of the best ad networks online if you want to monetize forums. While you can use VigLink on just about any website, it really specializes in forum advertising. By simply adding one line of code to your site’s backend, you will automatically add advertised links throughout your website’s content. For forums, you can choose to only display the linked ads to non forum members and logged out users, while providing registered users with an ad-free platform. Explore VigLink now if you want to monetize the words on your website.

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6. Adversal

Adversal is another excellent choice when searching for sites like AdSense. Whether you’ve been banned by AdSense or even if you’re looking for even more ads to increase your website’s revenues, Adversal is the way to go. Multiple banner sizes are available, you can choose pop-under ads and you can even benefit from a 100% fill rate. Adversal lets you withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you reach the $25 threshold.

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7. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another excellent option when comparing the best AdSense alternatives. One of the things that sets Propeller Ads apart is their high payout rates that are not quite as high as AdSense, but much higher than other sites like AdSense. Propeller Ads is definitely among the best ad networks for its simplicity of use, large amount of advertisers and their extremely high fill rate. Sign up for a publisher account with Propeller Ads today if you want to increase revenues with or without AdSense.

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8. SkimLinks

SkimLinks is the ultimate alternative to AdSense if you have an eCommerce or online store. While you’re probably already making money from sales through your online store, you will be able to increase revenues even more by adding SkimLinks to your online shop. SkimLinks places affiliate links throughout your store’s content, including within product descriptions, product reviews, product galleries and more. With over 200,000 advertisers on board, making an extra income from your online store with SkimLinks is easy.

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9. Tribal Ad Network

Tribal Ad Network is another one of the great sites like AdSense that provides you with the ability to monetize your website’s content. One of the best things about Tribal Ad Network is that you can also monetize mobile content, so all visitors viewing your site via a phone or tablet will be shown optimized ads that were created to bring in more clicks. Tribal Ad Network’s CPC isn’t quite as high as Google’s, but it’s definitely a great alternative to AdSense if you weren’t approved by AdSense to begin with.

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10. Sovrn Meridian

Last but not least is Sovrn Meridian, which provides you with many website monetization options. Sovrn Meridian allows you to optimize your mobile content, add video advertising and also choose from various types of display ads. Their robust reporting platform allows you to easily keep track of clicks, impressions and earnings. If you’re looking for one of the best AdSense alternatives that delivers decent payouts and high quality ads, you’ll love using Sovrn Meridian.

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