6 Charitable Companies Like Toms

Companies Like Toms

We all need shoes and Toms is one of the best companies that give back. Toms has a one-for-one philosophy, this means that with every pair of shoes sold, one pair is given to someone in need. The founder of Toms created this site because he realized that a lot of children in the world went without shoes.

Since 2006, Toms has handed out over 60 million pairs of shoes and created jobs for people living in underdeveloped countries. Since 2011, Toms has started selling eyewear which works the same way as the shoes. With every pair of glasses sold, Toms provides eye care services for those who can’t afford it.

Everything you find on this site is high quality, affordable, and helps people that need it most. You can also find additional discounts on their homepage and their shipping costs are very competitive. If you like knowing that you’re helping someone unfortunate with every purchase you make online, you’ll love these other charitable companies like Toms listed below.

1 – The Brave Collection

The people living in Cambodia have lived through horrors, genocide, and human trafficking. The Brave Collection is a collection of handmade jewelry aimed to celebrate the courageous women across the globe. The women who make the bracelets are rewarded with well-paid jobs, healthcare, and education. Buy a bracelet to support the strong women of Cambodia today. This charity is definitely worth supporting.

Visit The Brave Collection

2 – Yoobi

Shopping for school supplies is something parents have to do each year, but thousands cannot afford to buy new book bags and supplies. Yoobi is a great place to help families in need and get all your school shopping done too. This site similar to Toms charity will donate a duplicate of every item you buy to a classroom that needs it. Consider Yoobi the next time your shopping for art supplies, bags, notebooks, or writing tools.

Visit Yoobi

3 – Warby Parker

A lot of people need eyeglasses in the world but they never get them because they can’t afford them. Warby Parker makes this a little easier for everyone in the world. This non-profit organization will donate eye care services and free glasses with every purchase made on their site. Buy a pair and give a pair. Warby Parker has a large collection of affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and children.

Visit Warby Parker

4 – 1Face

Our list of companies like Toms must include 1Face. 1Face sells watches that change the world, literally. This site doesn’t sell footwear like Tom canvas shoes, but it does sell watches. Each watch sold gives a donation to a particular charity. Pick a watch by style or by charity, either way, you’ll be helping someone less fortunate than yourself. The watches on this site make a great gift and shipping is free worldwide on all orders over $50.

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5 – Feed

With each item of clothing or bag sold on Feed, someone is given a meal and a better future. This site also has shoes similar to Toms for every member of your family. Did you know that over 700 million people in the world can’t afford to eat on a daily basis? This leads to physical deficiencies, diseases, and eventually death. Stop all that from happening by purchasing something handmade with love from Feed.

Visit Feed

6 – Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is another one of the best companies like Toms that give back to society. This site puts a hat on every child that battles with cancer. Buy a beanie or a hat on Love Your Melon and 50% of each purchase is donated towards pediatric cancer research. The hats on this site are perfect for everyday wear and soft enough for children battling cancer. Become a part of the cause and Love Your Melon too.

Visit Love Your Melon
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