5 Car Repair Companies Like SafeLite

companies like safelite

When your windshield gets a crack it’s important to fix the problem right away. If this isn’t done you could be risking your life every time you drive your car. SafeLite is one places for those repairs. With SafeLite you can get your glass fixed easily and for cheap.

SafeLite has the best replacement technology, stronger repairs, and a nationwide lifetime warranty with every new windshield. Schedule an appointment and get a quote directly on their website and you can also read up on all the reasons you should be repairing your windshield as soon as a crack appears.

SafeLite has a great reputation, don’t take our word for it, read all the reviews on their site. Every review is full of praise and thanks for SafeLite’s excellent work and service. Glass replacements are the only thing that needs to be done to ensure a quality car, for more options when it comes to fixing your car, check out our list of companies like SafeLite, each one listed below has a great reputation and low-priced deals.


1. Pep Boys

Pep Boys is a company like SafeLite glass repair that can fix anything on your car, quickly, efficiently, and for less. Pep Boys most popular services include tires, oil changes, and brakes. Take a look at the content on this site to learn more about ways to save, their products, and tips about your car. Pep Boys have all the best products that you’re looking for, from A-Z.

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2. Carid

Carid is a website on our list of companies like SafeLite that knows a lot about cars. This company can do basic repairs and maintenance, modify your car for street appeal and performance, and add high tech electronics and technology. Carid has a large selection of name brands and knowledgeable employees. Book your appointment online the next time you have an automotive project in mind.

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3. Speedy Glass 

This addition to our list of companies like SafeLite is called Speedy Glass. Speedy Glass specializes in discount auto glass repair. This cheap auto glass replacement service is always done with finesse and precision, just because it’s cheaper that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. The Speedy Glass crew prove their worth with every windshield they install. Book your appointment now by clicking on the link above.

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4. Mopar

Mopar is known for its official parts and quality service. This Canadian based car repair company similar to SafeLite can access your vehicle information online to know exactly what’s wrong before they start with the repairs. Mopar also has a ton of promotion and rebates you should check out before booking an appointment. Contact them now for a quote or to purchase an authentic part.

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5. DecoRepair

DecoRepair is another one of the best companies like SafeLite for cheap auto glass repair. The Deco team is dedicated to great service and high quality work. Use their online form to book an appointment, get an instant price quote, and find the best service time that fits with your schedule. There are two kinds of windshield repair services available with DecoRepair, check them both out to find the one that is best for you.

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