5 Best Sell from Home Companies Like Avon

companies like avon

Avon is a leading company in home sales. Currently, it has reached over 6,000,000 women and men worldwide. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade of lipstick or a great pair of earrings, Avon has it all, with low priced products to sell from home.

Avon’s low start-up fee of only 10$ makes it a great business for any budget, which includes the first brochures and training. Sellers will receive 20% of their sales. This work from home business is also an avid contributor to breast cancer awareness. Each brochure includes a special item that donates to this special cause. Make sure to browse our list of companies like Avon below to find the best opportunities just like it!

1. Silpada Designs

Silpada has a beautiful array of sterling silver jewelry for you to sell. The Silpada company has a vast array of jewelry and each piece is unique, just like every modern day woman. This is a great option for companies like Avon.

To start working from home with Silpada, you must buy the startup kit which costs $149. A 30% commission is received on every product sold, and personal purchases save you 50%. With this stunning sterling silver jewelry, you will look gorgeous, and help others find the perfect accessory, all while making extra money for yourself.

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2. Scentsy

Becoming a consultant is easy all you have to do is log into the site, like the other sites like Avon, and sign up. For just $119 you get a startup package, training, and business tools to be the best seller in your area. Scentsy parties are great fun and with each sale you earn between 20-39% commission.

Do you want to be your own boss and have a great smelling environment? Then Scentsy is perfect for you. This work from home option must be added to companies like Avon. Scentsy is the leading seller in home decorations and candles. One whiff of these fragrant and long lasting candles will attract anyone to your inventory.

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3. Steeped Tea

Joining Steeped Tea is easy, and with its low cost of $99, you can quickly become a seller, earning up to 39% commission with each order. Training and tips and tricks are available once you start to be the best tea seller in your area. The more you sell the more rewards you will receive.

If you love a warm cup of tea then Steeped Tea is for you. With its creative blends and recipe ideas, you have a ton of options with these delicious products. Every tea is natural, with no sugar or preservatives. All you need now is someone to share it with.

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4. Dove Chocolate Discoveries

When you join The Cocoa Exchange, for a low fee of $129, you get $449 worth of chocolaty goodness to become the next best chocolate seller in your area. Sales will bring in between 25-40% commission and being a seller gives you 50% off your own purchases.

Everybody loves chocolate, and if you can refrain yourself from eating your inventory, then The Cocoa Exchange is for you. All the chocolate products are 100% certified cocoa, which makes it a healthier option. What’s better than working from home selling chocolate with one of these direct selling companies? Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a great addition to companies like Avon.

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5. Simply Fun

If you love board games and educational toys then Simply Fun is the best choice for you. The toys and games sold with this company are all unique and easy to use. They are great for autistic children and skill development.

With its low start-up cost of $19, why not start being your own boss right away? Host parties, fundraisers, or just sell online with these products to sell at home. The option is up to you, whatever you choose you will be your own boss and get to work from home. Simply Fun is one of the most educational options in companies like Avon.

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